Jung in Europa

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Jung in Europa is a documentary series, showing real life for German-speaking young people living in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna in Austria, Luzern in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol in Italy.
Our main persons have all exciting interests and hobbies.

Target group: teenagers
From language level lower intermediate / intermediate A2-B1+
6 episodes x 10 minutes


Du bist was du isst

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We follow six German teenagers in their kitchens where they make their favourite snack.
The teens have been filmed, in a dogma inspired way, when preparing the snack. The scenes crazily swing to lively hard rock music and include mishaps and blunders.

Food programs
Target group: teenagers and adaults
From language level lower intermediate
6 short programs x 3-5 minutes


Neue Freunde

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This is a series in 10 continues episodes where we get to know the teenagers Bastian, Oliver, Katrin and Jasmin, all living in Berlin.
The goal is to present and introduce some every day situations and to practice elementary glossary and expressions. In addition the series include cultural and visual information from Berlin.
The entertaining storyline format captivates the student’s interest.

Series / fiction / "language soap"
Target group: teenagers
From language level beginners A1-A2
10 episodes x 6 minutes


Deutsch Europaweit

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Meet inspiring young people in the German-speaking world! We visit Berlin, Dresden, Lübeck, Nürnberg, Salzburg and Zürich.
Get to know amazing young people, fascinating areas and interesting topics. Look, listen and learn, compare, discuss - and enjoy!

Documentary / authentic material
From six German speaking locations in Europe
Target group: teenagers and adults
From language level A2-B1
Approximately 30 minutes material from each country / location, divided into seven different program parts from each place.
In total 180 minutes

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